STORM BREWING in Newfoundland Ltd., proud to be independently owned and operated, produces unique ales and serves a niche marketplace. 

STORM BREWING, named to reflect the harsh 
marine environment of Newfoundland is the 
province’s original craft brewery (1995).  
STORM BREWING was previously known 
as Freshwater Brewing Co., founded in 
1995 in Carbonear, NL.  STORM has a 7Hl 
brew length and uses equipment purchased from 
the defunct Santa Rosa Brewing Co. of Santa Rosa, California. 

STORM BREWING is known internationally for success with Zero Emissions Research Initiative (ZERI)*experiments including the successful growth of oyster and shiitake mushrooms as well as earthworm cultivation on brewery spent grain.   STORM BREWING is also known for using non-industry standard 650ml (22oz) bottles - sold individually, and for bringing back the stubby 341ml beer bottle to Newfoundland in 2004, which are currently sold in STORM 6-packs.

STORM BREWING is a member of the Brewers’ Association of Canada and the Small Brewers Association of Canada.

The owners of STORM BREWING enjoy meeting brewsters and brewers; visiting micro & regional breweries and brew pubs and quaffing ale around the world – from Alaska to Zimbabwe and many places in between including Marin County, California; Lennoxville, Québec; St. John’s, Newfoundland; Akureyri, Iceland; Islay, Scotland; Stockholm, Sweden, and Swakopmund, Namibia.
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