The Spirit of Ale
STORM Ales are not pasteurized and have no additives or preservatives STORM 
Irish Newfoundland Red Ale 
5.5 % alc / vol

This smooth ale has a deep reddish hue, 
presenting well-rounded and balanced 
flavours, with a pleasant toasted malt 
quality and light hop character. 
Irish Newfoundland Red is STORM’s own 
unique, independent style with a strong character 
(5.5% alc./vol); a twist on the Irish Red style reflecting 
the culture and taste of Newfoundland.

Formerly known as STORM Kyle Ale. STORM 
Island Gold Ale
5.0 % alc / vol

A pale golden ale brewed with barley and wheat malts; moderately hopped with an earthy, floral aroma. 

STORM Island Gold Ale is lighter in colour than other ale styles, and combines the best elements of an ale with a refreshing character.

Formerly known as STORM Killick Ale.
Coffee Porter
5.0 % alc / vol

A seasonal ale, brewed using imported black malt and dark roasted mountain grown Arabica coffee beans. 

STORM Coffee Porter is a roasty, dark, top fermented brew with a subtle coffee aroma and pleasantly mild palate.

Available during the winter only.
Raspberry Wheat Ale
5.0 % alc / vol

Brewed using only water, wheat & barley malts, hops and yeast; a touch of pure raspberry extract is added to give this crisp, refreshing wheat ale a big raspberry aroma and a clean, zesty flavour.
Hemp Ale
4.5 % alc / vol

Hemp has been grown throughout history to produce fabrics, paper and rope from the strong fibres of its tall stalks - the seeds are also great for brewing beer. 

STORM’s classic Hemp Ale is brewed using only water, malted barley, imported hops, yeast and of course hemp seeds that impart mellow nutty flavours and herbal aromas.

Currently not available.
Do not duplicate in any form without permission of STORM BREWING